When traveling to and around Denver, renting a car makes getting around much more convenient than utilizing public transportation. In fact, more than half of business travelers in the Denver area prefer to rent a car while in the Mile High City. Knowing where to rent and what to look for in a car rental in Denver can help make the process much less stressful and maybe even save you a dollar or two. Here are our tips to keep in mind when renting a vehicle.

Fully assess what type of vehicle you’ll need. Make sure that it meets your needs of both you and any passengers. Fun little sports cars are great to drive but can become an inconvenience if you have passengers or lots of luggage or equipment to haul. If you do have coworkers that you are traveling with consider an SUV instead. Concerned about higher rates and extra gas costs? Go for a smaller model instead. Make sure to remember to request an automatic transmission if you are unfamiliar with,or are unable to drive a stick.

Become aware of the any extra fees. Extra miles, no-shows, late returns and second drivers can really add up. Read the terms and conditions in any rental company’s policy to avoid those extra costs that can really price you right out of your budget range. Don’t just shop the daily rental rate as these other fees can boost that cost out of your budget. Keep in mind the additional sales, county and state taxes. Also, be prepared to have an authorization hold placed on your credit card when reserving a rental car.

Inspect the car before taking possession. Make sure that every scratch, dent or blemish that was there when you picked up the car is documented in writing. Though many auto rental facilities in Denver wouldn’t bother with smaller claims, others make sure to take advantage of these blemishes to make an extra buck. Back up the documentation with pictures from your camera phone as visual proof. Make sure that either you get their insurance or check with your agent to make sure a rental is covered through your policy. Remember, that with international travel, your insurance will not cover a rental car. Here in Denver, however, it is always best to make sure that you are covered for damages one way or another.

Consider going with a smaller auto rental company in Denver. Independent car rental companies, like Klasse Auto Rentals,  are growing as they often offer better service, frequently know the area more comprehensively and are sometimes able to offer better rates. If looking for a specific sports or luxury car to rent, independent companies often rent those higher end vehicles as the large corporations generally stick with bulk.

When traveling in Denver, consider renting a  sports car or luxury automobile with Klasse Auto Rental. Speak to a reservation specialist at 720-398-5900.