On the eve of the Labor Day weekend, many of us are thinking about taking a last-minute trip up the mountain or out to the lake for the unofficial end of summer. What about amping up that day trip with the unexpected surprise of an exotic sports? Make that drive up the hill with an experience your passengers, or you, will be sure to fondly remember for years. Hugs those mountain curves and turn heads at the same time behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 C4S Targa.

There remain few iconic performance vehicles that elicit more envy and head-cranking respect than the Porsche 911. Ask any red-blooded American male what car would he most like to drive at least once in his lifetime and the answer will quite frequently be the Porsche. This German-engineered beauty is not only faster than most vehicles on the road, but has the precision and performance capabilities that most driving enthusiasts dream about.  The appeal of the Porsche 911, to both aficionados and those that claim they don’t know much about cars, is the primitive and visceral response to its sporty-sleek lines; and its 350-hp engine delivers on every promise that its beautiful body makes. Like anything that is both gorgeous and seemingly out of reach – it must be had – at least once. Sports Car Rentals in Denver

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