luxury car rentals DenverLet’s say that you’ve not yet learned your lesson yet and are, once again, at the airport car rental counter attempting to attain the rental car that you reserved. Yet, the agent shortly tells you that there are no vehicles available. Naturally, your first response is “But I have a reservation.” Though “sorry” doesn’t help in getting you on the road and where you need to be, it’s often the first response of the massive car rental companies that often overbook their fleets in anticipation of no-shows. Though there are a few tricks of the trade that you can do before you arrive at the counter to ensure that you receive the car requested, Klasse Auto Rentals in Denver takes extra steps to make sure that the luxury car rental you request is here and ready when you need it.

By picking up your vehicle on time, you’ll avoid the car rental company from making the assumption that you are a no-show when you are just late. Some car rentals in Denver can be secured by prepaying for the rental and paying an additional cancellation fee if you don’t actually pick up the vehicle. Some companies will find you an alternate vehicle if they have no inventory to offer you – make sure to ask.

Avoid the hassle and stress of questioning whether your reservation means that your rental car is truly reserved for you and only you, with a luxury car rental through Klasse Auto Rentals in Denver. We always go the extra step to ensure that you’ll drive away happy.