So you’ve gotten to the rental car counter in Denver and they ask that dreaded question about adding their insurance to your rental agreement. With all of the advice you’ve heard from friends, family, your agent or unreliable internet articles, it’s become a query that seems to not have one right answer. When is it smart to add insurance with a car rental in Denver, and when is it just a waste of money? And what do the differing types cover? Where does your personal insurance come in? What about the insurance offered through your credit card company? It’s enough to make a person just throw their hands up and surrender to the extra cost. But before you sign up for their coverage, make sure that you know just what you’re getting into and what you’re truly paying for.

Generally, car rental companies off two types of coverage: loss damage waivers and collision damage waivers. If you’re caught in a hail storm, a tree falls on your rental or its stolen while in your possession, loss damage waivers covers those non-collision damages. If you should get into an accident while driving then the collision damage waiver protects you. If you expect to be carrying valuables with you, it may be smart to add personal property insurance to cover loss or damage to your personal property in the car.

Check with your auto and home insurance carrier to see just what is included in your personal policies to make sure that you are fully covered and that you’re not paying for something you already have. Credit card companies often offer automatic coverage on rental cars when paying with that credit card. If you only have liability insurance on your personal policy, you may want to protect yourself and your assets by adding the auto rental company’s coverage.

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