In a previous post we had discussed the common mistakes made when renting cars that end up costing more money than necessary. In that post we referred to refueling costs and how not making the right choice could cost you. With varying refueling options available through most car rental companies in Denver it is important to know when to use the prepaid option or when to steer clear of it.  car rentals Denver

Many seasoned travelers decline the convenience of a prepaid full tank of gas, opting to fill the tank before returning their rental car. The belief being that whatever gas you happen to leave in the tank is a win, dollar-wise, for the rental company. However, the opposite side of that coin is that the cost per gallon that you prepay for is often less than the average cost per gallon for the area. Also, paying ahead of time allows for the convenience of not having to worry about filling up when its not really convenient. Finding a nearby gas station in an area that you unfamiliar with, with little time before your flight, can create frustration and issues with timing. Prepaying is the better option if you find you may run into problems regarding re-fueling as you’ll want to do what you can to avoid the fees that come with a less-than-full tank. Some car rental companies in certain areas have been shown to charge more than $9 per gallon, adding on whopping amounts to your overall rental costs.

Though its often determined by personal preference, prepaying for a full tank of gas can help you avoid any extra gas-related fees if you’re okay with the possibility of leaving a little something for the car rental company. At Klasse Auto Rentals in Denver, we’ll work with you in regards to your fueling options, delivery of your vehicle and other points in regards to your luxury or sports car rental in Denver.