It can happen fairly easily when you’re in a hurry or making last minute arrangements. Making errors when renting a car is easy when you may not be aware of the mistake you’re about to make or are in too much of a rush to make sure to protect yourself. By making sure to avoid the following mistakes you can actually save yourself some money with auto rentals in Denver and elsewhere:

  • Assuming inventory availability. Waiting until the last minute can leave you empty-handed or paying more than intended for whatever is available. Make sure to make reservations well in advance.
  • Renting at the airport. Car rentals at the airport generally run much more expensive than in town offices. Check ground transportation costs to weigh the costs before deciding to rent.
  • Failing to work out the details. Often car rentals in Denver and elsewhere are less expensive by the week when compared to by the day. Also check the gas requirements to make sure that you are not spending unnecessarily or getting hit with extra fees.
  • Buying the insurance without research. You may find that your own auto insurance covers damage to a rental car. Make sure to check just what your insurance and your credit card will cover before automatically purchasing the auto rental company’s insurance. In some instances, this insurance alone can almost double the cost of your total rental.
  • Not performing a complete pre-rental inspection. Make sure to make thorough notes of any dents, scratches and problems with the body, windshield and interior. Make sure to also note stains to the upholstery. If the car is not in perfect mechanical condition, note it and if needed, return it.

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