First time visitors to the Denver area will soon find out what happy residents have known all along. The Centennial state is a special, magical place that is unique in its ambience, atmosphere and people. Those who choose to visit the Rocky Mountain region should however keep in mind just a few tips in order to make their visit just a bit more special.

Number one on our list, of course, is to choose the right rental car in Denver. Skip the lines, short supply and high prices of the airport car rental companies and treat yourself and your family to the experience of a luxury car rental. Make the journey more than just half the fun while traveling around our great state in elegance and luxury.

Number two tip to remember is that it really is different here. Colorado as a whole has some of the highest elevations in the country, and those heights are not just limited to the mountain peaks. Denver really is a mile above sea level and for those that are not used to altitude, it can have its definite effects. Those with respiratory and/or heart conditions should take precautions. Everybody in your party should make sure to drink plenty of water for the entire duration of your trip to help with acclimation. Speaking of drinking, make sure to watch your alcohol intake. We understand that this may be difficult given that the state has well over 200 breweries churning out some of the country’s best brew. But the altitude does allow for that alcohol to have more of an effect than you would expect. Caffeine is said to also have the same elevated effect at higher altitudes.

Our third tip is that you relax. Really, the higher altitude also means less available oxygen. You simply won’t be able to achieve the same fitness levels that you’re used to at home. Think it won’t have an effect on you? Consider the NFL players that face the Broncos at home in Denver; there’s a reason they’re sucking on oxygen tanks on the sidelines. If it’s harder for these world-class athletes to breathe, then it will be for you too.

Klasse Auto Rentals would like to invite you to enjoy Colorado for all that this magnificent state is worth while staying safe, healthy and happy.