1. Enjoy the Wind in your Face!

    Summer is almost over, which means school is about to start and your days are going to be filled with taking your kids to and from daily activities. If you are trying to prepare yourself for what’s to come, make sure you give yourself one last trip you can look back on! Relax today and begin your journey with your kids in the weeks to come knowing that you made the memories you wanted to! So, wh…Read More

  2. Make a Great First Impression

    Driving a car that you are not to fond of can be embarrassing. If you have been stuck with a less than impressive car, you may want to consider upgrading for a few days when you are in need of something a little more impressive than what you’ve been dealt. Driving a car that you’re not proud of can take away some confidence, and you can’t be having that on your first date! We have recently b…Read More

  3. Rent a Car When Moving

    Renting a car isn’t something that you consider doing on a daily basis, but it should be in the back of your mind if you are considering traveling a far distance by car. In our previous post, we gave you some things to think about, including that cars are part of your everyday life, and without them, you could be a sitting duck. Rental cars can be used for many great things, and we highly re…Read More

  4. Rent a Vehicle for your Next Road Trip

    No matter if you are willing to admit it or not, cars are definitely an inseparable part of life these days. There are people out there that use cars day to day, and there are others who sparingly use them. No matter where you live or what you do for a career, a car is something that you’ll need, to live comfortably and worry free everyday. But we would also like to point out that not everyone h…Read More

  5. Test Drive Before you Buy a Sports Car

    Sports cars have a lot of details that you may not be used to. The horsepower, luxury and smaller body style could all be completely different compared to what you normally drive. Sports cars are different in many different ways than a normal everyday SUV or compact car. If you’re looking to rent a sports car but you can’t seem to justify it, here are some great reasons for you to make your re…Read More

  6. Drive To The Great Sand Dunes!

    Making time for your family and friends can be a frustrating thing when you can’t even stop to think about your wants or needs, so why not take a moment to consider both. At Klasse Auto Rentals, we understand the struggle of balancing life. Getting a moment to sit back, relax and take in the great moments and life can be overwhelming, which is why we are recommend that you take a holiday with an…Read More

  7. Travel To South Western Colorado

    If you are someone who loves to travel, but pennies are tight, Klasse Auto Rentals is for you. We believe that you should be able to go on an adventure, no matter how much money you have available to spend on vacation or not. Allowing yourself a weekend to go check out new places all over Colorado is something that we think more people need to get out and do. If you are wanting to get away from th…Read More

  8. Adventurous Places To Drive To In Colorado

    Finding something fun to do can be hard when you don’t have a lot of money. Because of this, you may feel as if you can’t take days off of work either. Klasse Auto Rentals understands the struggles of the economy and how it can take a toll on you as a provider for your family, which is why your leading luxury car rental service of Denver provides affordable prices to everyone. To us, it is a m…Read More

  9. Advantages Of Renting For The Weekend

    If you have been contemplating a sports car rental in Denver to enjoy a weekend getaway, you will be excited to hear that we have the final rental car advantages that you have been waiting for! We previously mentioned that an auto rental would be beneficial if you have an older vehicle and you’re looking to travel a longer distance across the state, that you won’t have to worry about costly br…Read More