1. 6 Ways to Make an Impression With Business VIPs

    You have a big meeting on the docket. Or perhaps you’re tasked with impressing a prospective client. Regardless, you need to make an impression. So how do you impress your guest when you’re catering to a VIP for your business? Here’s our advice: Show Up In Style If you’re taking your ‘02 Honda Civic to pick up Dr. Agnes Oban from the airport, you might be starting off on the wrong foot. …Read More

  2. Winter Driving Tips

    If you’re new to the roads here in Colorado, you might be a bit nervous about your first road adventure during our high-altitude snowstorms. Fortunately, Colorado has one of the most responsive road clearing services in the nation — the Colorado Department of Transportation has a massive fleet of trucks which plow our roads and lay down magnesium chloride (a de-icer). That said, Mother Nature …Read More

  3. All About the Volkswagen CC

    The Volkswagen® CC is a nice step up from the Jetta produced by the same manufacturer. Drivers will enjoy the 200 horsepower engine, a beautiful, streamlined body, and plenty of space for the whole family (and their gear). It’s versatile. It’s fun. It’s downright driveable. This luxury car simply performs. Let’s dig into the specs and design of this vehicle, as well as some of the chatter…Read More

  4. All About the Volkswagen Jetta

    The VW Jetta is a solid automobile. It’s reliable, it’s powerful, it’s elegant. It’s roomy. It drives like a dream. It’s no wonder that edmunds gave the Jetta a 4.5 out of 5 ranking. Edmunds notes that the VW Jetta has a slew of features which make this vehicle an excellent combination of luxury and comfort. Let’s take a look at the specs, design, and reviews behind the VW Jetta (one o…Read More

  5. All About the BMW Convertible 328i M Sport

    There’s a reason why Top Gear gave the BMW 3 Series M Sport a 9 out of 10. This vehicle ups the ante on an already amazing line of vehicles by BMW. The M Sport series has a lower suspension, and wider, higher traction tires; that means better performance on the pavement, and a bit more hug as you cruise through curves. Let’s take an in-depth look at the specs, design, and reviews surrounding t…Read More

  6. BMW Rental: Safety Ratings You Can’t Beat

    Colorado is known for its brutally cold winters and the heavy snowfall, and as someone that’s visiting this may be one of your primary concerns. We can’t blame you for being concerned, but we do want to provide a little bit of insight before you rush out and find yourself some sort of Ford truck to drive through the snow. While these may be bigger cars, they aren’t always better; especially …Read More

  7. Why You Should Get Insurance On Your Rental Car – Part 1

    Too often we wind up with the option of adding on protection or insurance to the car that we are renting. We stand at the counter and wonder what the chances actually are that we will wind up in an incident where the extra cost for rental car insurance was the best decision that we’ve ever made. At Klasse Auto Rentals, we know that you’re the type to think things through. We can tell because y…Read More

  8. A Luxury Car Rental For Your Big Day

    Your wedding day will be one for the books. From the family that you haven’t seen in years and the friends making embarrassing toasts, to the gorgeous wedding dress and delicious cake, every tiny detail contributes to this one major day in our lives. If you’ve started your planning, then you know how difficult it can be to pick the right filling for your cake or determine who will have to sit …Read More

  9. Making The Choice To Rent A Luxury Car

    There’s no denying that luxury and exotic cars look great on the road. We’ve all fallen victim to the whiplash of turning our head when one drives down the street or pulls up in the parking lot of the restaurant we’re in; it’s undeniable. At Klasse Auto Rentals, we bring you the best of the batch. While we know that anyone would love to take a ride in any of these exotic cars, we know that…Read More