1. How To Drive Your Rental In Bad Weather

    Driving in the snow is not everyone’s favorite thing to do, especially if they’re driving a luxury car rental in Denver. But the fact of the matter is, it might happen to you! If you’ve never really driven in the snow, you better prepare yourself, because Colorado still has a lot of weather to throw at us. Because of this, we wanted to give you some tips on how to drive in the snow this win…Read More

  2. Roads Trips and Trip Convenience

    Many people believe that you have to have a reason to rent a car,but, the fact of the matter is, you don’t! There’s nothing stopping you from renting a car, which only means that you should be doing so at least once or twice a year. But because many people love renting cars and feel like they should have a reason to do so, here are some more great reasons that make renting a car acceptable. Ro…Read More

  3. 6 Reasons To Rent A Car

    Do you ever remember going to a hotel with your parents when you were little? What do you remember about it? Do you remember that hotels were the best places to venture off because they were a new environment? That’s exactly the thought that is brought to many people who rent cars, which is why luxury car rentals are starting to become more popular as the years advance. But why would you need or…Read More

  4. Drive Off Happily Ever After

    Your wedding day should be one of the most important days of your life, which is why you need to take all of the “small” details to heart. One detail that many brides and grooms forget about, is the car they’ll drive off into the sunset in. Although it isn’t the biggest detail of your wedding day, it certainly shouldn’t be shrugged off like it’s no big deal. At Klasse Auto Rentals in D…Read More

  5. Wedding Rentals of a Lifetime

    When you decide to take the next step in your relationship and commit to each other for life, you’ll be think about much more than just the flavor of your wedding cake. You’ll be thinking about how you and your wedding party are going to get from the mountain top you just exchanged vows on to your unforgettable reception in Denver, Colorado. In our previous post, we started giving newlyweds ju…Read More

  6. What Wedding Car Will you Choose?

    Although wedding season is almost over, there are many newly engaged couples who are looking forward to planning their wedding of a lifetime. With this usually comes a lot of stress, smiles and tears as the days pass. With decisions like what the wedding cake will look like to the socks the groomsmen will be wearing, there are so many choices that couples have to face daily. Something that many co…Read More

  7. Enjoy the Wind in your Face!

    Summer is almost over, which means school is about to start and your days are going to be filled with taking your kids to and from daily activities. If you are trying to prepare yourself for what’s to come, make sure you give yourself one last trip you can look back on! Relax today and begin your journey with your kids in the weeks to come knowing that you made the memories you wanted to! So, wh…Read More

  8. Make a Great First Impression

    Driving a car that you are not to fond of can be embarrassing. If you have been stuck with a less than impressive car, you may want to consider upgrading for a few days when you are in need of something a little more impressive than what you’ve been dealt. Driving a car that you’re not proud of can take away some confidence, and you can’t be having that on your first date! We have recently b…Read More

  9. Rent a Car When Moving

    Renting a car isn’t something that you consider doing on a daily basis, but it should be in the back of your mind if you are considering traveling a far distance by car. In our previous post, we gave you some things to think about, including that cars are part of your everyday life, and without them, you could be a sitting duck. Rental cars can be used for many great things, and we highly re…Read More