1. The Confidence of Knowing that Your Luxury Car Rental is Truly Reserved for You

    Let's say that you've not yet learned your lesson yet and are, once again, at the airport car rental counter attempting to attain the rental car that you reserved. Yet, the agent shortly tells you that there are no vehicles available. Naturally, your first response is "But I have a reservation." Though "sorry" doesn't help in getting you on the road and where you need to be, it's often the first r…Read More

  2. Prepaying for Gas when Renting a Car in Denver: Good Idea or a Lot of Hot Air?

    In a previous post we had discussed the common mistakes made when renting cars that end up costing more money than necessary. In that post we referred to refueling costs and how not making the right choice could cost you. With varying refueling options available through most car rental companies in Denver it is important to know when to use the prepaid option or when to steer clear of it.   Many …Read More

  3. Family Trips Made Better with a Luxury Car Rental

    Families have been taking road trips out of the Denver area since the pioneers traversed the region by covered wagon more than 100 years ago. Though not many of us would choose the rigors of the road that our Western-bound ancestors had to endure, taking a family on a road trip can seem just as trying, even with our modern conveniences. Bored kids, "discussions" about proper driving techniques and…Read More

  4. Looking Good in a Luxury Rental Car in Denver

    If we could make the sound of a whistle in a blog, what would that look like? Ssswt Swooo? Weeeet woo? Sure, whatever, you get the point.  We wonder simply because, when we look at our inventory of luxury rental cars, the most repeated instant reaction comes in the expressed appreciation of beauty that we all understand as a whistle. Each of our high-end automobiles that we make available for ren…Read More

  5. Special Day? Ensure Your Guests are Present with Car Rentals in Denver

    There are few days on the calendar that nailing down proper transportation is more important for than a wedding day. Having multiple stops, various passengers and a strict timeline can turn a mundane car rental in Denver into a complicated logistical nightmare. By doing the proper preparation, setting a realistic budget and logically planning out the itinerary, you can avoid the pitfalls numerous …Read More

  6. Impressive Luxury Auto Rentals in Denver Meant to Pamper

    We've seen it dozens of times: Client comes in to pick up his luxury rental car in Denver and has his head involuntarily turned by the gorgeous allure of our Porsche 911 Targa. As tempting as it is, the reality is that tearing up asphalt during your Denver business trip is not entirely possible and really doesn't fit in with your vehicle needs. Lucky for you, our entire fleet was fashioned to prov…Read More

  7. The Promise of Your Dream Sports Car Delivered

    On the eve of the Labor Day weekend, many of us are thinking about taking a last-minute trip up the mountain or out to the lake for the unofficial end of summer. What about amping up that day trip with the unexpected surprise of an exotic sports? Make that drive up the hill with an experience your passengers, or you, will be sure to fondly remember for years. Hugs those mountain curves and turn he…Read More

  8. The Luxury Doesn’t Start at the Car Door

    At Klasse Auto Rentals we believe that those who are looking for luxury car rentals in Denver have certain preconceived expectations about their total experience. And we're happy to oblige. We want each and every one of our valued clients to believe that they are our most important client - because, in truth, they are. When you've chosen us for auto rentals in Denver, we feel both an honor and an …Read More

  9. Top Reasons to Treat Yourself with a Luxury Car Rental

    Cheeseburger or filet mignon? Cotton or cashmere? Coach or first class? Take your pick; it's up to you. Having a choice is what makes the difference in so many ways. Your entire day can be made better by just being able to decide on a better option in any manner of ways. So why not go for that sports or luxury car rental just this once? Whether you're coming to the Mile High City for business or p…Read More