1. What You Need For Your Luxury Car Rental

    Renting a car doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, quick and easy processes are exactly what we strive to provide here at Klasse Auto Rental. We want to provide you with high class luxury cars, for the amount of time that you need them, at a price that you can agree with. If you’re ready to get your contract on a roll, then there are a few things that you can count on needing when you finish…Read More

  2. Rental Car Insurance – Part 2

    In our last blog post we talked about the importance of investing in rental car insurance as you finish signing out your contract. Rather than sit at the counter wondering which options are going to be the best, we figured we would break the options down so that you can determine exactly what type of coverage that you’d like to have while renting one of our exotic cars. Here are two more options…Read More

  3. Why You Should Avoid Airport Rentals

    When you plan a business trip there are so many things that come into play; reserving the hotel, booking the flight and renting a car. Aside from that you have to pack and figure out the rest of your travel plans, so it only makes sense that you make your plans as easy as possible. In fact, a lot of the mentality that people hold lies in a smooth running day, but what if we told you that your day …Read More

  4. Let The Top Down and Enjoy Your Luxury Car Rental

    Summer is the ideal time to take a road trip. Between the gorgeous weather and the destinations that are ideal to visit during this time, you might as well head out on an adventure to somewhere great. At Klasse Auto Rentals, we know that every great road trip starts with a gorgeous rental car, but when it comes to road trips, we know exactly what you need: a luxury convertible rental. You’ll Enj…Read More

  5. Experience Before You Buy!

    The fall is usually a busy time for dealerships all across Colorado. Not only is the weather changing, but all of this change causes the hustle and bustle of everyday driving to be a little more difficult. Because of this, many people are starting to think about trading in their car for a brand new one, one that will perform much better in nasty weather that Denver is likely to throw at us. If you…Read More

  6. Rent a Vehicle for your Next Road Trip

    No matter if you are willing to admit it or not, cars are definitely an inseparable part of life these days. There are people out there that use cars day to day, and there are others who sparingly use them. No matter where you live or what you do for a career, a car is something that you’ll need, to live comfortably and worry free everyday. But we would also like to point out that not everyone h…Read More

  7. Drive To The Great Sand Dunes!

    Making time for your family and friends can be a frustrating thing when you can’t even stop to think about your wants or needs, so why not take a moment to consider both. At Klasse Auto Rentals, we understand the struggle of balancing life. Getting a moment to sit back, relax and take in the great moments and life can be overwhelming, which is why we are recommend that you take a holiday with an…Read More

  8. Advantages Of Pristine Auto Rentals

    Deciding whether or not renting a car from your local auto rental company in Denver can be difficult, especially if you are not one to normally rent a car. If you’ve been reading our blog series, then you are already aware that we have been giving you 10 great advantages of using an auto rental while visiting the Denver area. We have already told you that transportation will be easier, it could …Read More

  9. Zoom To The Mountains For A Weekend Getaway!

    Has it been a while since you and your partner have made it up to the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains? We understand that when our lives get busier than ever, it can be hard to concentrate on the things that really matter in life, like the love of your life and the activities you love to do the most together. What have you been thinking about doing for Valentine’s Day? We understand that V-Da…Read More