1. Drive Off To Beerland!

    If you’re visiting Denver, Colorado to experience the taste of world-class beer, it’s time you reserve a BMW rental. With all of our rental cars available at a wonderful price that can’t be beat, you’ll be driving wherever you want to go in a car you’ll love, at a price you’ll love. So, what’s the car of your dreams and where do you plan on driving it? Drive a convertible and soak up…Read More

  2. Stay in a Positive Light

    Impressing your boss is something that you may have to think long and hard about doing. Accomplishing such a task isn’t something anyone thinks to be hard, but doing so can cause anxiety for your upcoming meeting, and this isn’t something you should be fighting. If you’re someone who has a meeting with a boss in Denver, and you’re searching for ways to impress them, it’s time you give Kl…Read More

  3. Stay Prepared For Your Meeting

    Preparing for a meeting with higher ups is nerve-wrecking. Understandably, it’s incredible that there are multiple ways that you can enhance your chances of making a great first impression with the boss you have never met. As we’ve stated previously, reserving a luxury car such as a BMW rental from Klasse Auto Rentals is a great way. Catch up by reading our previous posts, and continue reading…Read More

  4. Prepare To Drive A BMW

    Previously, Denver’s leading luxury car rental experts started giving you some ideas on what you should always be keeping in your car during the winter, including your BMW rental car and the car you own. We started out by suggesting you carry a blanket, extra clothes and a small first aid kit. Here are more items to pack in your BMW rental car before you hit the streets this winter: Flashlight A…Read More