The GMC® Yukon blurs the line between luxury and functionality. This full-sized, luxury SUV provides power and performance, comfort and style, and enough space for the whole family—this vehicle comfortably seats eight, by the way. But what else does this iconic SUV offer? Let’s dig into the specs, design, and reviews that surround this vehicle…

The Specs

Outfitted with a Vortec V8 engine, the GMC Yukon offers between 285 and a whopping 405 horsepower, depending on the year of the model—and you can spread that torque out with the Yukon’s all-wheel drive. With that much power under the hood, it’s not surprising that the Yukon accelerates to 60 miles per hour in 6 seconds. On top of that, this SUV can cruise at speed up to 112 miles per hour. Yet, you’ll notice the a smooth ride in the Yukon, since it is outfitted with stability and traction control.

The Design

When you see a Yukon, you know it. There’s something so iconic about the body and shape of this luxury SUV. Maybe it’s the sleek shaded windows. Perhaps it’s the sheer size—the Yukon is perfect for packing in the kids and all of their ski gear as you head out to hit the slopes. Plus, drivers love the rearview camera (after all, this is an SUV large enough to seat eight, making it a bit of a beast on the road). And passengers love the cushy, spacious interior. Enjoy keyless entry, leather seats (which are heated for the driver and passenger), rear park assistance, and iPod/MPS inputs.



If you’re looking for rave reviews to back this sport utility vehicle, well, there is no shortage of them. Let’s take a look at what drivers and car experts are saying:

“The GMC Yukon is a great large SUV. […] The Yukon can help you feel more secure with its abundance of driver assistance features.” – U.S. News

“The feeling is eerily reminiscent of the full-size American luxury cars of the past, only with better handling, braking and steering response.” – Kelley Blue Book

“As capable as they are handsome, the Yukon and the stretched Yukon XL are multitasking machines. They offer seating for up to eight, a maximum tow rating of 8100 pounds, and optional four-wheel drive.” – Car and Driver

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