The Audi S4 is the very definition of a luxury vehicle. Like all Audi vehicles, this car is designed to blend comfort, aesthetic, and power seamlessly. We’re ecstatic to rent out the Audi S4, and here’s why…

The Specs

The S4 is a mechanical beast, offering up 333 horsepower pumped out of its V6 engine. Take the Audi S4 from a standstill to a cheetah-speed, 62 miles per hour in an outstanding 4.7 seconds. The automatic transmission is delightfully responsive, regardless of whether the driver opts for paddle shifting for full automation. Plus, the Audi S4 features all wheel drive control that ensures dominance over the road in nearly any condition.

The Design

The S4 offers up a plush interior with intuitive, easy-to-use controls. The wheel, dash, and center console are streamlined and modernistic. Audi has combined leather, suede, and metal to beautify the interior of the S4. Now, the exterior of the S4 is classic Audi. The side profile of the Audi S4 features the famous smooth curves that are true to this car manufacturer. The front profile, meanwhile, features bold geometries that scream power and speed. In short, the S4 embodies every aspect you’d expect from Audi style.


The Audi S4 has received rants and rave reviews from car enthusiasts. Michael Taylor of autoblog had this to say of the Audi: “The S4 gives everybody inside it a feeling of calm, the assurance of unseen technical strength, and most will be able to adjust or change anything without ever reading an instruction.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Stoy, a digital editor, states, “The S4 is one of the few “happily ever after” cars for me. As a daily driver sports sedan, it’s damn near perfect; it’s not the fastest, the flashiest, the most powerful or the lightest, but the mechanical interplay between engine, transmission and wheels is sublime.”

Autoweek author/editor, Jake Lingeman, praises, “I can’t believe how well this S4 handles the road. Even in dynamic mode, the stiffest, it still absorbs everything Detroit roads can throw at it. You’ll see the bumps coming, and you’ll hear them, but you won’t feel them. There’s a bit of lean in the corners, and a bit of lift on hard launches, but for an every day, all-year car, it’s a perfect mix.”

Now if you’re still not sold, then you’d better test drive the Audi S4 for yourself.

Rent Our Audi S4

blog-cta-1Here at Klasse Auto Rentals, your Denver source for luxury vehicle rentals, we offer up an all-wheel drive, seven-speed, automatic Audi S4. Our model features paddle shifters, a leather and suede interior, heated seats, a sunroof, power windows and adjustable seats, and iPod and MP3 compatibility. Plus, you can hug the road with the S4’s unparalleled stability and traction control. Don’t forget, the Audi S4 is graciously spacious – you can comfortably fit a family of five. Or, if it’s a business trip, you can impress your crew with the comfort of the S4. Ready to rent? Check out the availability of our Audi S4!