There are few days on the calendar that nailing down proper transportation is more important for than a wedding day. Having multiple stops, various passengers and a strict timeline can turn a mundane car rental in Denver into a complicated logistical nightmare. By doing the proper preparation, setting a realistic budget and logically planning out the itinerary, you can avoid the pitfalls numerous brides experience when arranging transportation for themselves or important wedding party members. Remember the following guidelines when looking for luxury car rentals in the Denver area. Car Rentals Denver

  • Plan ahead – far ahead. First establish a list of guests who will need transportation and a wedding day itinerary that includes every stop in that day. It may show that you may need multiple vehicles or some creative planning. Start researching the auto rental companies in Denver that can accommodate those needs. If your special day is during prom or homecoming season, or around a major holiday like New Year’s Eve you may want to reserve your luxury or sports car rental even earlier than the recommended four to six months ahead of time.
  • Check out the ride. If you’re transporting multiple people ask to see the vehicle you’re renting to ensure that there is enough room for every passenger.
  • Set a realistic budget and make sure to include price per hour, mileage fees and incidentals in that budget. Remember to ask about any minimums.
  • Get a written agreement that includes total cost, amount of deposit, arrival and departure times and locations. The rental agreement should also include the make and model of each vehicle requested.

By fully discussing your itinerary with your chosen transportation company, you’ll have the information you’ll need to plan for seamless, stress-free modes of transportation that will ensure that you and your guests are where they need to be at the time they need to be.