Are you visiting Denver, Colorado to enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountains? At Klasse Auto Rentals we can offer you the best luxury car rentals in Denver! We have the best sports car auto rentals in the area. Our inventory is filled with many different fleets to choose from.

Let me introduce you to our fleets! Currently we have 5 different fleets to choose from. Our Klasse Comfort Fleet is designed for you to reach your destination with comfort in mind. Cars that are in this fleet include a GMC Yukon XL and Volkswagen CC. If you are looking to travel around the rocky mountains, both of these cars can haul you and all of your gear comfortably. The Klasse Executive Fleet is available for drivers who want to step up in appearance and class with luxury. This would be the perfect fleet to rent for a business trip. The car in this fleet is the Audi A4 which comes in all wheel drive and leather interior. This fleet is luxury at its finest. The next fleet is The Klasse Cruiser Fleet. The Volkswagen Jetta takes over this fleet in the most economical way possible. With great gas mileage, you can take this car anywhere on one tank of gas. Finally, we have our last two fleets which are seasonal, The Sunshine Fleet & The Sport Fleet. Both of the fleets have great cars that are available throughout the year at different times due to weather and the style of the car. The Sunshine Fleet is an Audi A5 Convertible for when the weather is right. The Sport Fleet has a Audi S4 and Prsche 911 C4s Targa, both which can make you feel luxurious in every way.

If you are ready to take on a rental car that is luxurious, give Klasse Auto Rentals a call today!