Although wedding season is almost over, there are many newly engaged couples who are looking forward to planning their wedding of a lifetime. With this usually comes a lot of stress, smiles and tears as the days pass. With decisions like what the wedding cake will look like to the socks the groomsmen will be wearing, there are so many choices that couples have to face daily. Something that many couples think about last minute, is how they’re going to drive off from their wedding reception to their honeymoon suite. As you may guess, the professionals at Klasse Auto Rentals thinks this should be a top priority when making important decisions about your wedding day. Because of this, we’re going to be giving you the top six luxury car rentals for your one and only wedding day!

6. Maserati Quattroportedreamstime_xxl_30038017

There is nothing quite like a Maserati to get your heart racing. Not only can it offer you impressive speeds that top out at more than 170 mph, but it will get you and your bride to where you need to be without problems. The Ferrari built engine and capabilities for seamless driving will provide every newlywed couple with the ultimate experience they’ve been dreaming of.

5. Mercedes Maybach

The Mercedes Maybach is a solid German engineered vehicle that you can’t go wrong with. Not only are they reliable and efficient, but with a powerful humming engine, you can expect to receive superb performance with ease.

Don’t go anywhere just yet! The luxury car rental providers in Denver have more great cars that you’ll love to get your hands on the day you exchange vows.