Driving in the snow is not everyone’s favorite thing to do, especially if they’re driving a luxury car rental in Denver. But the fact of the matter is, it might happen to you! If you’ve never really driven in the snow, you better prepare yourself, because Colorado still has a lot of weather to throw at us. Because of this, we wanted to give you some tips on how to drive in the snow this winter.

Make sure that you head out the door and get into your car with a full tank of gas. You don’t want to be stuck behind the wheel of a car that doesn’t have enough gas, especially if you’re driving up a busy road like I-70 to go snowboarding for the weekend. Always be prepared and keep your tank half full.

Always accelerate and decelerate slowly. Applying gas and brakes slowly is the best method to use when the roads are icy and snow-packed. Plus, it’s the best course of action to regain traction once you’ve lost it. To keep traction, we recommend to remember to give yourself enough time to get to where you’re going. Being in a hurry will cause you to make maneuvers too fast, which can cause you to lose traction in the first place. And remember to give yourself extra time when coming up to a stoplight. Stopping always takes longer on snow and ice.

Reserve your luxury care rental with Klasse Auto Rentals in Denver and drive effortlessly in the snowy country we live in!