Luxury car rentals aren’t as pricey to rent as you may think. Depending on what type of luxury car rental you’re wanting to drive around for the weekend, we know that we can be the business of your rental choice. Klasse Auto Rentals is located in the heart of Denver, Colorado and has all of the dream cars you’ve always wanted to take for a spin.

To make your luxury rental car a bit more luxurious, we choose to rent at a competitive price. All of our vehicles are rented out to customers at a flat rate, but the rate may increase depending on mileage. Each rental includes 100 miles per day, any additional mileage is available at the following rates:

  • Porsche – x $0.90 per mile
  • Audi, BMW – x $0.75 per mile
  • VW, SUV – x $0.50 per mile

Daily rates vary by vehicle type. Current rentals and their rates we have available include:

  • VW Jetta – $60.00 per day
  • VW Passat – $65.00 per day
  • Audi A4 – $95.00 per day
  • BMW Convertible – $125.00 per day
  • GMC Yukon – $135.00 per day
  • Audi S4 – $195.00 per day
  • Porsche 911 – $295.00 per day

To learn more about our luxury car rentals available in Denver at Klasse Auto Rentals, be sure to explore the individualized car rental pages. Also, if you’re interested in renting a vehicle, feel free to give us a call to have any questions or concerns answered. If you’re ready to reserve a luxury rental car like never before, do so online here!