Colorado is known for its brutally cold winters and the heavy snowfall, and as someone that’s visiting this may be one of your primary concerns. We can’t blame you for being concerned, but we do want to provide a little bit of insight before you rush out and find yourself some sort of Ford truck to drive through the snow. While these may be bigger cars, they aren’t always better; especially when it comes to safety ratings.

At Klasse Auto Rentals, we specialize in luxury car rentals, and that’s because we know that these cars can provide our clients with a comfortable, safe and absolutely sleek ride throughout the Denver area. While our sports cars and convertibles aren’t exactly the best choice for this time span, there are a few cars that we have that we couldn’t let you pass up.

While your head is probably going straight to SUVs (and don’t get us wrong, they’re great), we were actually thinking about BMWs. These cars have some of the best safety ratings around, and we would love to review them with you just so that they stay at the front of your mind as you determine which car you’d like to rent for your visit in Denver.

Airbags Allover

This isn’t an exaggeration, even though it may seem like we’ve gone a little overboard with safety benefits. Truthfully, though, BMW vehicles have quite a few airbags throughout the interior of the vehicle in order to provide all passengers with the safety they need in the case of a crash. You will find your standard front-impact airbags for the driver and passenger, side-impact airbags for the front seats, overhead airbags in the case of a rollover or side collision and knee airbags for the front passengers to stay safe from any frontal damage.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Brakes have evolved quite a bit over the years, but they haven’t become any less important. What anti-lock brakes do is sense when your tire has stopped rotating because of extreme braking. When this happens they will modulate the brake pressure so that the tire can still rotate, which allows you to turn. The reason this is beneficial is because when we do break, we focus almost entirely on the importance of simply braking towards an accident, and not moving out of the way, this safety feature allows for you to have more control on the direction that your car is going in.

Aside from these two safety features, BMW rentals also have security systems, anti-whiplash and more that keep you and your passengers safe. So, make sure that when you stop into Denver you don’t entirely cross BMW off your list!