The Volkswagen® CC is a nice step up from the Jetta produced by the same manufacturer. Drivers will enjoy the 200 horsepower engine, a beautiful, streamlined body, and plenty of space for the whole family (and their gear). It’s versatile. It’s fun. It’s downright driveable. This luxury car simply performs. Let’s dig into the specs and design of this vehicle, as well as some of the chatter surrounding this phenomenal car.

The Specs

As we mentioned, the CC carries a whopping 200 horsepower engine. Driver’s enjoy the versatility of a 6 (manual) or 7-speed (automatic) transmission. When it comes to suspension and a smooth drive, you can’t go wrong with this car. With MacPherson struts, multi-link axles, and direct-acting telescopic dampers, the CC rides like a dream. Stability control, traction control, and of course, cruise control, all come standard with the CC. And newer models of this vehicle come outfitted with a number of driving assistance and safety features, including front, side, lane, rear, and park assist, as well as traffic sign recognition, and a fatigue detection system. To be brief, the CC is designed for a smooth ride, yet it has the right stuff under the hood to breeze through curves as you soar up I-70 towards the mountains.

The Design

Does the CC come with leather interior? Yes. How about heated front seats? Check. Power windows? Of course. A sunroof? You betcha. This car embodies the concept of a luxury vehicle. It has all of the tech that you’d want to find in the interior of the car, and the exterior matches that luxury flavor. Drivers love the low to the ground seats, which provide a distinct sense of command over the road. Passengers will love all of the automated features, including the sound system and device compatibility. In short, there’s a reason that this sedan is considered an executive car.



Car enthusiasts rave about the CC’s power-packed engine, as well as its interior and features. Here’s what consumers and reviewers are saying:

“[The CC is] well equipped and refined,” Reports Autotrader, “The sharp styling is what will catch everyone’s eye, but the CC has plenty of substance, too.”

Ed Eiting boasts on, “When I tell people what I bought, they haven’t heard of it and I like that. It’s not cookie cutter. It’s packed with features and technology and styling like a CLS Mercedes for less than half the cost.“

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