Finding something fun to do can be hard when you don’t have a lot of money. Because of this, you may feel as if you can’t take days off of work either. Klasse Auto Rentals understands the struggles of the economy and how it can take a toll on you as a provider for your family, which is why your leading luxury car rental service of Denver provides affordable prices to everyone. To us, it is a must to take a mini vacation every once and a while. Treat yourself and your family to the spectacular views and places that Colorado has to offer with one of our luxury car rentals.

Here are the top-rated attractions that we recommend you visit that are practically in your own backyard!

  1. Rocky Mountain National Park- If you love the outdoors, Rocky Mountain National Park won’t leave you disappointed. Enjoy a scenic picnic with the people you love, or take a hike on Bear Lake Trail to see what glacial water actually looks like.

  2. Pikes Peak in Pike National Forest- Reaching 14,110 ft., this peak is located just 3 miles northwest Manitou Springs. From the summit of Pikes Peak, you’ll be able to capture views that are unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.

  3. Mesa Verde National Park- Check out some of the most famous American Indian ruins in southwest Colorado. There are many different dwellings and structures that you can check out. Take a tour to get more up close experiences!

We have many more Colorado attractions that you could be driving a luxury car rental out of Denver to! Request your vehicle online today!