Luxury Car Rentals DenverFamilies have been taking road trips out of the Denver area since the pioneers traversed the region by covered wagon more than 100 years ago. Though not many of us would choose the rigors of the road that our Western-bound ancestors had to endure, taking a family on a road trip can seem just as trying, even with our modern conveniences. Bored kids, “discussions” about proper driving techniques and the inadvertent bodily function can cause even the closest of families to abandon the idea of future journeys together. You must be properly prepared for the hours you’ll spend in close vicinity of each other and personal space is key to happiness on the highway. Expand that personal space by renting an SUV, lessening the opportunity for complaints of “he’s touching me” to be loudly voiced. At Klasse Auto Rental in Denver, we understand and recognize the need for a bigger vehicle for those times when comfort is required. Squeezing three tweens into the back of a late model sedan is risking the sanity of the driver and the safety of all. Instead, rent our GMC Yukon XL for your next family road trip.

The GMC Yukon is our most spacious luxury car rental option in Denver. It is especially accommodating for families and multiple travelers. Its extra long-body style is perfect for lots of legs and luggage and is full of luxurious options that spoil the driver and quiet the kids. Reserve your Yukon the next time you need a car rental in Denver by filling out our online form or by calling us at 720-398-5900.