When was the last time you took time off of work to enjoy something that you love to do? Living in Denver, Colorado is a privilege that some people take for granted. If you are looking to live freely and enjoy all that you can while you live in the area, then you need to make your way up I-70 and enjoy all of the fresh powder that is coming our way!

Getting away for the weekend doesn’t need to be hard! The hardest part about getting up to your favorite ski resort like Vail or Breckenridge is the drive. If you have driven up I-70 before, then you know during the winter, the drive can be stressful, grueling and unpleasant. These feelings are all facts of what you can be experiencing if you don’t have a car that you trust. Driving through snow is something that not everybody enjoys doing, especially if you have a car that you cannot rely on during sticky situations. If you are looking to encounter winter head on this year, then you need Klasse Auto Rentals on your side.

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