Sports cars are one of Denver’s favorite past times. There are many folks out there that love driving nice, fast and sexy cars to and from their daily occurrences. If you are someone who loves cars and you would love to get your hands on a sports car, you can! With many of our premier sports car rentals available to you in the heart of Denver at Klasse Auto Rentals, we are sure you will get hooked up with the sports car you have been dreaming about. But what is it about sports cars that everybody loves? Is it that they are so low to the ground? Or, that they just have a way about them that makes passerbyers heads turn without second thought? Maybe it is that they seem unreachable and people always love a challenge. Either way, no matter what you love about sports cars, you can get them from your premier auto rental provider, Klasse Auto Rentals!

Many car lovers in the area love the look of sports cars, but don’t know much about the history of them. Did you know that the very first sports car was the rare 3 litre 1910 Prince Henry Vauxhall. This 20 horse power car was the first of its kind with two doors and some get up and go that was something to brag about. From here, cars started to evolve quicker than anyone could have anticipated. Because of this, we’ve got some great cars in our inventory for you to choose from now! Visit our inventory page and take a luxury car out for a fun spin around town.