Making time for your family and friends can be a frustrating thing when you can’t even stop to think about your wants or needs, so why not take a moment to consider both. At Klasse Auto Rentals, we understand the struggle of balancing life. Getting a moment to sit back, relax and take in the great moments and life can be overwhelming, which is why we are recommend that you take a holiday with an auto rental of your choice by your side to see some pretty amazing tourist attractions that Colorado has to offer. We have already mentioned a few in our previous blogs, places that everyone who lives in Colorado should visit, here are the last places you should open your eyes to!

  1. Vail- Ahh Vail, one of the most popular resort and ski town destinations in the country. Winter is a highly active time to visit this small town, but the summer holds events and activities like mountain biking, hiking, concerts and more. Cruise up Vail Pass and be wowed by the views you see.

  2. Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve- These sand dunes are some of the most impressive in North America. They are the tallest and can be visited during both the summer and winter months. Experience what a sand mountain looks and feels like and climb up the tallest dune, The Star Dune.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading some great weekend getaway destinations we have provided for you. It’s time that you request an auto rental for a weekend and go to a destination of your choice!