There’s a reason why Top Gear gave the BMW 3 Series M Sport a 9 out of 10. This vehicle ups the ante on an already amazing line of vehicles by BMW. The M Sport series has a lower suspension, and wider, higher traction tires; that means better performance on the pavement, and a bit more hug as you cruise through curves. Let’s take an in-depth look at the specs, design, and reviews surrounding this powerful automobile.

The Specs

The M Sport soars past its closely designed cousins, the SE, Modern, and Luxury models. Enjoy a sleeker body kit, a larger air intake in both the front and sides of the vehicle, and tires that are designed to perform. The 328i model comes with a 248 horsepower engine that’ll take you from a standstill to a cheetah’s pace (or 60 miles per hour) in a minor 5.4 seconds. For a delightful blend of performance, power, and personality, the BMW 328i M Sport truly delivers. Now let’s talk design…

The Design

BMW poured a little bit extra into the design of the M Sport model of the 3 Series. As we mentioned, the body is a bit more aggressive. In addition, the interior is far more plush. Unlike the base models of the series, the M Sport features a sleek dash with bold, legible gauges. The wheel is trimmed and stylized, and like the gearknob, the wheel is leather. The M Sport is the very definition of luxury, and it even surpasses BMW’s own other 3 Series models.


Auto Express justly gave the BMW 3 Series a 5 out of 5 stars. In their review, Auto Express noted, “The BMW 3 Series has been a compact executive class leader for more than 40 years, and the latest model was a winner yet again…“

Top Gear provides insight on the continuing legacy of this BMW line: “BMW 3 Series review: The old one was the best car in the class… And so’s the new one. As you were.”

Driving enthusiasts agree that this car is the perfect combination of comfort, control, and performance.

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