Are you arriving in Denver for a meeting with the bosses you seldom meet? If so, this is the perfect opportunity for you to show them who you really are and what’s important to you. Previously we started giving you some ways to impress your bosses without acting like you’re sucking up. So if you’ve been following our previous post, we recommended that you arrive early, dress appropriate and reserve an Audi rental. Here are some more ways to impress:

Know How To Use Technology

If you have prepared a presentation or you will be using your laptop, make sure you know how to use it flawlessly. It speaks greatly to your bosses that you pay attention to detail and that you are professional in knowing how to use technology with ease; in other words, it’ll make you look good!

Stay Focused

It can be easy to drift off into a conversation that doesn’t have anything to do with the reason you’re meeting. Although some small talk is good (and even recommended), it’s important to know the boundaries. So, stay focused and don’t let your short chit-chat turn into long talks about non-work related subjects.

Be Positive

If you’re an individual who doesn’t like your job, you’ll need to take steps to approach people who can help you. Learn why you don’t like your job, and take steps in the right direction to help you stay more positive. A great way to do this is to embrace change!

Hold up! You’re not quite ready to head out to your meeting yet! Reserve an Audi rental with Klasse Auto Rentals before your visit to Denver, and stay tuned for our next blog: Ways to Prepare For Your Big Meeting.