Being prepared for the unknown can save you in the most dangerous situations. If you’re looking an Audi rental in Denver, you’ll have to know exactly what to carry with you to make your drive safer when it comes to the unknown. Let’s face it, driving a car in the winter that’s not yours will add on stress that you wouldn’t have if you were driving your own car. So with that, the leading Yukon renters in Denver at Klasse Auto Rentals wants you to know what to put in your car during the winter time, rental cars and all.

A Blanket

It’s always great to have a blanket that you can reach for. You may not think a blanket is a necessity unless you get stuck in an unexpected snowstorm on I-70. Since I-70 has been known to shut down for hours at a time, it’s important that you keep some sort of extra warmth with you, and a blanket is perfect for this type of situation.

A Small First Aid Kit

Since you’ll be driving a rental car, having a smaller first aid kit is imperative for you to travel with. Even if you don’t think you’ll need it, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Feel comfortable with a first aid kit in the trunk.

Extra Clothes

Just like a blanket would come in handy, so would extra winter clothes. Clothes, including boots, gloves, socks, a hat and layers, are smart to carry with you. This is easy to prepare for! All you need to do is pack a small backpack with extra layers and necessities of clothing, and stick the bag in your trunk.

An Ice Scraper

Denver, Colorado is one of the most unpredictable locations. The weather here may be sunny one  minute, and then snowing the next. Stay prepared in our Yukon rental by keeping a travel ice scraper with you.

Don’t go anywhere just yet! Stay tuned for more great necessities you should have with you in your luxury rental car in Denver this winter.