1. Drive Slip Free To Your Mountain Town Destination

    When was the last time you took time off of work to enjoy something that you love to do? Living in Denver, Colorado is a privilege that some people take for granted. If you are looking to live freely and enjoy all that you can while you live in the area, then you need to make your way up I-70 and enjoy all of the fresh powder that is coming our way! Getting away for the weekend doesn’t need to b…Read More

  2. Do You Know the History of Sports Cars?

    Sports cars are one of Denver’s favorite past times. There are many folks out there that love driving nice, fast and sexy cars to and from their daily occurrences. If you are someone who loves cars and you would love to get your hands on a sports car, you can! With many of our premier sports car rentals available to you in the heart of Denver at Klasse Auto Rentals, we are sure you will get hook…Read More

  3. Enjoy Top Quality German Cars

    In our last blog, we spoke about how German engineered cars are our specialty luxury cars for rental that you can enjoy whenever you want to! Trusting them is easy if you love the smooth ride and elegance that comes with taking them for a spin. Today, we will be going over the reasons on why trusting your daily drive to work and back with other odds and ends errands in between the hours throughout…Read More

  4. Can You Trust German Engineered Cars?

    For many of us, the make and model matters when purchasing a new car, and now-a-days, even renting a certain brand of car matters. We all want to drive cars that are safe, sleek and have great gas mileage, but on top of that, driving a car with a great reputation is something to think about too. Many cars, like Toyota, Honda, Nissan and the luxury cars Lexus, Acura and Infiniti, have great reputat…Read More

  5. Thinking of Buying? Rent that Sports Car First

    So you've had your eye on that sexy little number that's been slinking around your neighborhood lately have you? The one that turns your head as she turns the corner; the one that makes you draw in a little gasp of air?  Think you can handle it? Think you've got what it takes? Go ahead, take a chance. It may be too much for you, but how would you ever know if you don't try. We know the hesitation…Read More

  6. The Confidence of Knowing that Your Luxury Car Rental is Truly Reserved for You

    Let's say that you've not yet learned your lesson yet and are, once again, at the airport car rental counter attempting to attain the rental car that you reserved. Yet, the agent shortly tells you that there are no vehicles available. Naturally, your first response is "But I have a reservation." Though "sorry" doesn't help in getting you on the road and where you need to be, it's often the first r…Read More

  7. Prepaying for Gas when Renting a Car in Denver: Good Idea or a Lot of Hot Air?

    In a previous post we had discussed the common mistakes made when renting cars that end up costing more money than necessary. In that post we referred to refueling costs and how not making the right choice could cost you. With varying refueling options available through most car rental companies in Denver it is important to know when to use the prepaid option or when to steer clear of it.   Many …Read More

  8. Family Trips Made Better with a Luxury Car Rental

    Families have been taking road trips out of the Denver area since the pioneers traversed the region by covered wagon more than 100 years ago. Though not many of us would choose the rigors of the road that our Western-bound ancestors had to endure, taking a family on a road trip can seem just as trying, even with our modern conveniences. Bored kids, "discussions" about proper driving techniques and…Read More

  9. Looking Good in a Luxury Rental Car in Denver

    If we could make the sound of a whistle in a blog, what would that look like? Ssswt Swooo? Weeeet woo? Sure, whatever, you get the point.  We wonder simply because, when we look at our inventory of luxury rental cars, the most repeated instant reaction comes in the expressed appreciation of beauty that we all understand as a whistle. Each of our high-end automobiles that we make available for ren…Read More