Klasse Auto Rentals was inspired by the desire to give Colorado residents, and travelers from around the globe, a more enjoyable driving experience – one that they cannot enjoy elsewhere.

Brian Sump, President of Klasse, has over a decade of experience dealing with high-end, luxury import vehicles. Sump owns and manages Avalon Motorsports, one of Denver, Colorado’s finest German import service facilities. For years, Avalon has offered free rental vehicles for their service clients and Brian realized it was in his, and his clients’, best interest to provide higher quality luxury vehicles to drive while their vehicle was in the shop. Or in this case, while they were visiting the state, taking a drive through Denver, or just looking for a nice luxury rental car for the day.

Klasse has since expanded and now specializes in ways to provide luxurious, exotic rental cars and a unique rental service experience that is unparalleled. Brian and his staff have taken the key elements of excellent client care that allowed them to grow their award-winning business and integrate them into a no-haggle luxury car rental experience unlike any other. From BMW® rentals to high-end SUV rentals, and from Porsche® rentals to VW® rentals, we provide a selection of cars that people are excited to drive.

Drive your dream vehicle today and find out how Klasse Auto Rentals is changing the rental car industry one extraordinary luxury rental car at a time!