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You're highly selective when it comes to the vehicles you drive. Why settle for less when you need a rental? Klasse Auto Rentals is a luxury car rental service in Denver, Colorado offering services tailor to you. We provide more than just auto rentals to get around Denver. You get an exotic, high performance German engineered sports car that's so fun to drive, it just may be the highlight of your Colorado visit. What’s more, no long lines to wait in and no grungy service counters to navigate.

Don't just rent transportation--enjoy renting a high-end luxury vehicle and get the driving experience you'll never forget.

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See Colorado the right way in a Premium car rental.

Colorado is an exciting vacation destination and beyond the sites of the Denver Metro area, winding mountain roads beckon. Klasse Auto Rentals enhances your driving experience with luxurious, German engineered Porsche, BMW, Audi, or Volkswagen rental cars that will give you the test ride of your life. And if you just can’t give back the keys? No problem. Our luxury rentals are maintained to the highest levels and are always available for purchase. We have a passion for high performance and exotic, German Luxury cars. When you’re in Denver, you can experience that passion for yourself in a first-class rental.